'Believe In Your Dreams, They Were Given To You For A Reason'


At BEP – ‘Bangkok Event Planners,’ We bring extensive years of global experience from the hospitality Industry. AND – 16+ years of Event Management expertise.  Our beautiful journey at "Bangkok Event Planners," started with an Aaha Moment, that germinated in our minds, at a friends wedding party divine.  In all the organized chaos, sweet energies spoke. AND, here’s how began our journey over a glass of wine. A napkin availed and some doodling entailed ... Under the moonlit night, in the ball room romantic lights, the band played, to Frank Sinatra’s classic, ‘I did it My Way,’ – I looked at my partner, our dreams were bright, It was our time, For - it was now or never !

With child like excitement, we said - ‘Let’s Just Do It’ …or this moment, loose it, we just might ! One, late night call and a few legal clauses in place, finally - The BEP - South East Asian office in the exotic far east, was born ! That beautiful night of September 19th 2000, two crazy hearts, walked away from corporate life’s - Into the glamourous world of dreams and diamond studded momentous flights !  
BEP, would love to hear YOUR story. To you we herein, extend our warm invite …
Organizing an event of an emotional magnitude with incredible panache, revolves around the essence of Joie de Vivre.  In creating the right aura, perfect heartbeat, offering flawless hospitable ambience, is what a bride and groom dreams off ! 

Allow us to give your Blessed Nuptial, A Fairy Tale Celebration ! Come join us over a Glass Of Wine, Cuppa Coffee Or High Tea ! Let us share with you, how you can have a memorable and sparkly shine, alongside, entertaining your privileged guests in your special and sacred time !
We at BEP are the experts, and being at your service, will be our heartfelt delight !
CONTACT: BEP - Mobile: Pavone +66 86 770 2184 | Email: pavone.bep@gmail.com | facebook.com/events by bep | www.bangkokeventplanners.com